Fall 2019 Highlights


Wednesday, October 23 -- "Explore with Me" Event

Join your children from 8-10 am as well as 3-5 pm and explore the classrooms. Families will be challenged to a scavenger hunt as they learn about their child’s classroom. If you are parking please do not use your parking access cards; instead pull a ticket for access to the garage. Families are asked to self-pay for this event.

Thursday, October 31 -- Costume Parade

October 31st is a fun and exciting day at LMACCC. Children are invited to dress up (please no masks). Infants will stay in their classroom and staff will take lots of photos! Beginning at 9:15 am the Mixed and Toddler Rooms will parade through the preschool classrooms. The Preschool classrooms are invited by our neighbors at MASCO to parade through the offices beginning at 10:15 am. Parents are welcome to attend.  If you are parking please do not use your parking access cards; instead pull a ticket for access to the garage.  Families are asked to self-pay for this event.

Friday, November 1 -- Pajama Day

All children are invited to wear their favorite pajamas to school!  Please make sure that your children also have additional clothing that is appropriate for outdoor play.

Friday, November 8 -- Thanksgiving Feast

From 11:45ish to 1:30 pm LMACCC will have our annual Thanksgiving Lunch. The menu will be turkey, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, squash, corn, peas, cornbread, apple pie and white cake. Classrooms will provide food permission and signup sheets as we get closer to the event.  If attending the event please pull a ticket upon entry to the garage. Do not use your access cards. Each family can receive up to two 1-hour validation tickets in the front office.



The Younger Infant classroom has been working hard on strengthening their muscles while on tummy time and in the seated position. Some children have started to maneuver around the classroom, exploring new areas of the classroom independently.  The children in the Older Infant room have continued to become more familiar with their new surroundings and activities. They have explored a variety of different art activities such as finger painting, coloring with crayons, and tapping with bingo daubers onto paper. The concept of cause and effect has been an area of interest as the children have explored with their voices and discovering the outcome of their actions.


The children have been settling in to the Mixed classroom and its routines. They have been strengthening their self-help skills by continued practice with utensils at mealtimes, cleaning their space by putting cups and utensils into the sink, and pushing in their chairs after they are finished. When transitioning to another space such as the playground or Movement, consistent songs sung by the teachers have helped children predict what to expect next and become familiar with the routines.


The children in the Toddler classroom have shown increased interest in caring for babies. The children have given their dolls baths, fed them in little high chairs, and rocked them to sleep. Trucks have also become of increased interest for the Toddlers. The children have loaded and unloaded trucks with blocks, driven them up and down ramps and around racetracks, and dressed up as firefighters to drive around their firetrucks. The children have been playing both independently and at times have joined together with another friend to enact various play scenarios.

Young Preschool

The children in Young Preschool have been enjoying exploring the classroom and engaging in a variety of new experiences including walking up and down the stairs, using glitter and practicing more self-help skills. All of the children have been working hard while learning through play and the teachers have been able to learn each child’s interests. One skill Young Preschool works on over the next year is communicating with each other and negotiating during play. For example, in the classroom this looks like two children playing in the same area and wanting the same toy, with teacher support the children will develop strategies to communicate with their peers and asking for a turn when their friend is done. Many of the children have been able to practice these skills on the playground and in the classroom.

Middle Preschool

As the children in Middle Preschool are getting acclimated with their new classroom, they have taken the opportunity to begin an “all about me” study. Each child had an opportunity to create a self-portrait, by looking in a mirror, choosing paint colors that match their skin, hair and eyes, then painting a picture of themselves. There were a variety of different colors to choose from, so each child was able to create a painting of themselves that matched what they saw in the mirror.  While each child painted, teachers inquired why they chose certain colors or made a certain patterns.

Older Preschool

The children in Older Preschool have been getting acclimated to their new classroom and many of the new responsibilities they have that come with being in Older Preschool. Over the past month, the children in Older Preschool have become more independent and have been given more responsibility. Being the oldest children in the center, they have been helping the Young Preschoolers to walk safely, walk up and down the stairs and find their cubbies in the hallway. The children have taken this job very seriously and when walking with a younger child they will put their hands on the Young Preschoolers shoulders to help guide them to stay in line or remind the younger children what the rules are.  They also had an opportunity to go to The Harvard School of Dental Medicine to receive dental screenings. The children experienced sitting in a dental chair, talking to dental students and learning more about how to take good care of their teeth.