Pajama Day

On January 8, 2020 all children are invited to wear their favorite pajamas to school! Please make sure that your children also have additional clothing that is appropriate for outdoor play.

Create with Me!

On January 16, 2020 families are invited anytime from 8:00-10:00 and 3:00-5:00 to join the children in their classrooms as they create works of art using various mediums. Please do not use your parking access cards for this event. Families are asked to pull a ticket upon garage entry and self-pay.

Music with Wayne Potash

Families are invited to attend our sessions with Wayne Potash in their child’s classroom.  Music is in the Infant Room 3:40-4:00, Mixed Room 4:00-4:20, Toddler Room 4:20-4:40, Young Preschool 4:40-5:00, Middle Preschool 5:00-5:20 & Older Preschool 5:20-5:40. Children that are not scheduled to attend LMACCC on days that Wayne is present may attend the music sessions with their caregiver present.  Wayne will be at LMACCC on January 8th & 22nd, February 5th, March 4th & 18th, April 1st & 15th.


Mixed, Toddler and all Preschool Rooms participate each Monday in an afternoon Yoga program. Families are always welcome to join the fun! Children that are not scheduled to attend LMACCC on Monday may attend yoga with their caregiver present. 

Yoga sessions run as follows:  Mixed Room 3:00-3:20, Toddler Room (front side) 3:20-3:40, Toddler Room (back side) 3:40-4:00, Young Preschool 4:00-4:30, Middle Preschool 4:30-5:00, Older Preschool 5:00-5:30.

Yoga will be at LMACCC on January 6th & 27th, February 3rd & 17th, March 9th & 23rd.




The children in the Infant room have continued to increase their mobility while crawling, cruising furniture, and walking independently. While watching bubbles float around the room, the children have been working to increase their stability as they reach out to make them pop!  Some children do this from a seated position and others chase the bubbles while standing up.  Various activities such as peeling colored tape from tables and turning pages in books have helped the children strengthen their fine motor skills.


As the weather has been changing, the children in the Mixed room have developed an interest in snow. They have explored snow in the sensory table and talked about the temperature and consistency, watching and feeling the snow melt in their hands. Snow plows have been of particular interest as the children are able to watch them clear the snow from their classroom window. During various art activities the children have worked on strengthening their fine motor skills by using a pincer grasp to stick cotton balls to sticky paper to make snowmen and by holding onto art implements when making their own snowflakes.

This month children were involved in a family sharing event in which they had the opportunity to listen and dance to the story, “Portside Pirates” performed live with guitar accompaniment. Before the book was sung, the children were able to decorate their own pirate hats, and listen to a rendition of, “If You’re Happy and You Know It”.                                


The Toddler classroom has continued to explore their interest in learning about animals. They have discovered various animals and their prints and talked about their similarities and differences. The children have practiced their matching skills by playing a matching farm animal game in which the baby animals pair up with their parent. The housekeeping area has become a veterinarian clinic in which the children have cared for sick animals. Animal books have been a classroom favorite both during free play and during group time.

This month multiple families have participated in the Family Sharing event. The children have explored toys from Japan, heard stories about airplanes, Indian culture and a story that included a puppet show featuring bears and a variety of food.          

Young Preschool

The children in Young Preschool have begun to show interest in transportation and animals. They continue to enjoy building and have recently been making structures to house both animal and vehicles.

As the children in Young Preschool include other elements in their building they are expanding their imaginative play. They are also working on skills to use when engaging in play with their peers. With teacher support the children have been strengthening their skills in connecting and sharing ideas with their peers. This is especially true when a new material is put out for the children to use. For example, when building with large soft blocks, a group of children worked together to make a train for themselves and their baby dolls.

Middle Preschool

The children in Middle Preschool are continuing to explore different books and fairy tales. Each child has had an opportunity to share their favorite book from home with their peers and do activities based on the stories. In addition to talking about stories and fairy tales, the children have begun to talk about the snow and cold weather. The teachers have been incorporating stories that relate to winter but have also taken the opportunity to let children explore the snow and snow activities. One morning the teachers brought snow into the classroom and let the children add colored paint to it. As the children used their hand muscles to squeeze and mix the snow, they observed how the color would change, the more the color was distributed through the snow the lighter in became. Mixing colors into snow was very popular so the teachers then gave the children another opportunity to mix colors, this time using water. The children used the pincer grasps to squeeze pipettes, in order to move water from one cup to another. As the children mixed the colors they observed the colors change and shared what they saw. This experience supported the children’s scientific inquiry and understanding of the concept of cause and effect.                                                                                 

Older Preschool

The children in Older Preschool had enjoyed talking and learning about food and more recently, their interest has shifted to learning about the weather. As it began to snow, the children started to question what makes snow, why snow sticks to the ground and why it has to be cold outside for snow to come. To help answer these questions the teachers have set up engaging weather-related activities for the children to participate in and have discussions around. Each child had the opportunity to participate in making snowy scenes, icicles, and snowflakes, and explored with snow in the sensory table. With each activity, the children were able to strengthen their pincer and palmer grasps as they crumbled tin foil and used pipettes to add color to snowflakes, identify and write the letters of their names, and create cooperatively with their peers. Older Preschool also took many opportunities to play in the snow on the playground. Each child put on their snow gear and as a class they were able to build with snow, make snow people by laying down and have snow ball fights.