Preschool Valentine Exchange

Preschool classrooms are invited to participate in a valentine exchange with their peers on Friday February 14, 2020. The children are invited to do this to show their friends they are thinking about them by giving a small card, sharing a hug or even a special treat such as a sticker or pencil. Each preschool family will receive a class list via email and classroom cubbies in preparation for the exchange.

Sports Team Day

On Tuesday, February 25, 2020 all children are invited to wear their favorite sports team apparel! Show your LMACCC pride and arrive to school in your favorite team colors and/or clothing.

Read Across LMACCC

In 1997 the National Education Association created an initiative on reading referred to as “Read Across America”. Each year, LMACCC classrooms, participate in “Read Across America” by engaging with the children in literacy activities and sharing stories. This year, “Read Across America” is on Monday, March 2, 2020.  LMACCC will be extending “Read Across America” through the entire month of March. Administrators and teachers will share their passion for reading and storytelling in various classrooms. Children will be exposed to a variety of stories helping them to understand different topics about the world and everyday life.

Art Show

Thursday, March 5, 2020 LMACCC’s young artists will proudly present their creations on display for families. Families are invited to tour the program, talk with the artists and their mentors from 8-10 am and 3-5 pm. Please do not use your access cards for this event.

Class Pictures

Outdoor (weather permitting) class pictures are scheduled for May 18th and 19th. All group photos will be taken on Monday May 18th at 9 am. Individual photos will then begin for all siblings and children that are not routinely scheduled on Tuesdays. Individual photos will continue on Tuesday May 19th. Please plan on having your child(ren) dressed for photos both days. Additional information will be placed in cubbies and e-mailed when package options arrive from Hayward Photography.

Music with Wayne Potash

Families are invited to attend our sessions with Wayne Potash in their child’s classroom.  Music is in the Infant Room 3:40-4:00, Mixed Room 4:00-4:20, Toddler Room 4:20-4:40, Young Preschool 4:40-5:00, Middle Preschool 5:00-5:20 & Older Preschool 5:20-5:40. Children that are not scheduled to attend LMACCC on days that Wayne is present may attend the music sessions with their caregiver present.  Wayne will be at LMACCC on February 5th, March 4th & 18th, April 1st & 15th.


Mixed, Toddler and all Preschool Rooms participate each Monday in an afternoon Yoga program. Families are always welcome to join the fun! Children that are not scheduled to attend LMACCC on Monday may attend yoga with their caregiver present. 

Yoga sessions run as follows:  Mixed Room 3:00-3:20, Toddler Room (front side) 3:20-3:40, Toddler Room (back side) 3:40-4:00, Young Preschool 4:00-4:30, Middle Preschool 4:30-5:00, Older Preschool 5:00-5:30.

Yoga will be at LMACCC on February 10th & 24th, March 9th & 23rd.



The children have been exploring a theme around culture. Flags displayed in the room represent the nationalities of the families in the classroom. The classroom has talked about the shape of flags and their colors and have identified toys in their classroom of the same color. The children have continued to strengthen their muscles through crawling, walking, and have had opportunities to dance to traditional music from various countries.


The children have developed an interest in farm animals. Using various methods of painting, the children have worked together to create a large barn for the classroom wall using red paint and have been painting their own horses to add to the wall. During group time the children have participated in motioning along or singing to songs such as “Old MacDonald” and “Bingo” and have enjoyed getting up to dance to various animal themed musical books.                       


The children have shown an increased interest in art. They have been coloring using markers and crayons and have used various tools which has helped work on increasing the strength in their fine motor muscles. The children have explored gluing and have created projects by sticking pieces of tissue paper together.

Young Preschool

The children have been continuing their exploration of building and transportation. As they continue to engage in building activities they have been strengthening their spatial relations, seriation and problem solving skills. As the preschoolers build structures they have compared who built the biggest or tallest tower. They have also been exploring building in large and small spaces, when in a large area the children have built long structures, while in a small area the children build structures that are tall.

Middle Preschool

The children have shown an interest in learning about hibernating. One day the teachers shared a book about bears which led the children to question what bears do in the winter. During group the teachers asked the children what they would like to learn about bears, most of the children said they were curious about where bears live and what they eat. As the children learned about bears, they were given opportunities to engage in projects and activities related to bears. To strengthen their fine motor development the children created bears using a variety of different materials. They had opportunities to paint, glue, rip, cute, dab, snip, and color different bears.

Older Preschool

The children in Older Preschool continued their study of weather, focusing on snow and ice. As the children talked about snow they began to ask questions about if animals live in the snow. This led the children to begin discussing hibernation, adaptation, and migration. First the children learned what each word meant and began to read stories about different animals. Once the children began to talk about different animals and ask questions they created a chart, separating animals by hibernation, migration and adaptation. To being their study of animals in winter, the children discussed bears. One fact they found interesting was that while most bears hibernate, polar bears adapt to the cold weather. During “create with me” families were invited into Older Preschool to share a bear fact and create a bear with their child. When creating bears, each child was able to choose whether to make a brown bear, a black bear, or a polar bear.