All families are invited to attend our biweekly music sessions with Wayne Potash in their child’s classroom.  Music is in the Infant Room 3:40-4:00, Mixed Room 4:00-4:20, Toddler Room 4:20-4:40, Young Preschool 4:40-5:00, Middle Preschool 5:00-5:20 & Older Preschool 5:20-5:40. Children that are not scheduled to attend LMACCC on days that Wayne is present may attend the music sessions with their caregiver present.  Wayne will be at LMACCC on December 11th.


Mixed, Toddler and all Preschool Rooms participate in a biweekly afternoon Yoga program on Mondays. Families are always welcome to join the fun! Children that are not scheduled to attend LMACCC on Monday may attend yoga with their caregiver present.  It is advisable that families call ahead to confirm that yoga is occurring.  Yoga will take place on December 16th.

Pajama Day

On January 8th all children are invited to wear their favorite pajamas to school! Please make sure that your children also have additional clothing that is appropriate for outdoor play.

Create with Me!

Families are invited on January 16th anytime from 8:00-10:00 and 3:00-5:00 to join the children in their classrooms as they create works of art using various mediums.



Many of the children in the Infant room have been exploring their classroom space by utilizing their new and improving walking, crawling and scooting or rolling skills. The infants have been very interested in each other’s actions and sounds. They have observed in awe of others in motion. Others have participated in the classroom by moving themselves to the best of their ability towards the excitement. They have continued to strengthen their hand-eye coordination with a variety of materials as they reach, grab and manipulate objects.          


The children in the Mixed Room have been exploring their interest in various forms of transportation. They have used both gross and fine motor skills by pushing large trucks around the classroom and using small tractors to manipulate the sand in the sensory table. When out on walks, the children have been on the lookout for trucks and buses. The children have been practicing turn taking when waiting for an opportunity to drive a car on the playground. They have been increasing their coordination when climbing in and out of the play cars on the playground and in determining how to move their feet to push themselves forwards.


The Toddler room has been furthering their exploration of construction sites and what can be found on them. The children have used Legos and soft blocks inside the classroom to create their own construction site and have used a variety of different sized vehicles to push equipment in and out. On the playground, the children have used the soft foam blocks to continue their exploration. Alongside their discussion of construction sites, the children have talked about what traffic lights are, how they are used and what each light means.

Young Preschool

The children in Young Preschool have continued to enjoy learning about each other and exploring their classroom. Many of the children are working on self-help skills and have become very independent. They have been working on putting their coats on independently, getting soap by themselves when washing hands and cleaning up their containers after lunch. The children in Young Preschool have also been practicing lining up, walking up and down stairs and asking their peers for help. The children have also been developing skills to enter play and play alongside a group of peers. With teacher support, the children are given scripts to use when they would like to play, borrow a toy, or do not like what a peer is doing. All of the children have ample opportunities to try this throughout the day. Many of the children are able to independently initiate play and all of the children have been playing alongside a peer or playing cooperatively with a peer. Over the past month, the children have been playing doctor and family in housekeeping, as well as building with Legos, blocks and other fine motor activities.

Middle Preschool

Middle Preschool has been keeping busy over the past month, exploring new activities and developing more self-help skills. The children have been practicing to walk safely in a line, hang up their coats and put their empty lunch containers in their cubbies. They have all been eager to share their new skills and celebrate each other when successful. The children have also participated in cooperative play with one another. Each child is continuing to develop skills to enter and initiate play, as well as negotiating with peers during play. The children have been able to work together to create intricate buildings using a variety of blocks, creating pretend families in role play or taking care of dolls together.

Middle Preschool has been working to develop math skills as well. Throughout the day the children have engaged in creating patterns, sequencing, seriation, one-to-one correspondence and number identification activities. One of the children’s favorite activities was comparing the number of children wearing stripes versus the number of children wearing solids. Recently, the teachers introduced a sign in chart for the children to use each day when arriving and leaving the program, this has helped the children to identify home verse school times.

Older Preschool

The children in Older Preschool have been immersed in fall and fire safety activities recently. October was fire safety month and the children participated in a field trip to the Brookline fire station. They talked to fire fighters about what to do if there is a fire and how to stay safe. The children loved this trip, between taking the train, sitting in the fire truck, and watching a fire fighter go down the fire pole, it has been all the children have been talking about! While this trip was very fun, the children also learned all about the jobs fire fighters do, fire drills, fire escape routes and plans for school and home in case of a fire. In addition to visiting the fire station, the children engaged in a variety of different activities in the classroom. Older Preschool enjoyed dressing up as fire fighters in the block area and putting out fires in the wooden block buildings. After the field trip, each child recalled something they learned about fire fighters and what their favorite part of the field trip was. Then they drew pictures and displayed their work in their classroom. The Older Preschool children have been working to strengthen their fine motor skills as they continue to master writing their names and other familiar words. On all of the art work the children do, they have an opportunity to write their names and other words, using controlled motions and a strong palm or pincer grasp.