Center News


July 2017

Summer is here! The children have been sharing their home day adventure stories with their teachers and friends. Many of the preschool children are participating in the swim program and gaining confidence in the water. 

View more detailed information about what each classroom has been up to here.




New England Aquarium

We are excited to announce that LMACCC will have two visits from the New England Aquarium! On Tuesday July 11, 2017 the New England Aquarium will visit LMACCC to present a Tide Pool Alive program for our preschoolers. The Older Preschool Room will participate from 2:45 - 3:30pm, the Middle Preschool Room will participate from 3:45 - 4:30pm and the Young Preschool Room will participate from 4:45 - 5:30pm. Preschool children who do not attend class on Tuesday are welcome to attend if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

On Thursday July 13, 2017 the New England Aquarium will return to LMACCC specifically for the Toddler and Mixed Room children to present a Tide Pool for Tots program. The aquarium will bring live tide pool animals to the center and allow the children to explore their textures, shapes and movements. The Mixed Room will participate 10:15 - 10:45am and the Toddler Room will participate from 11 -11:30am. Mixed and Toddler children who do not attend class on Thursday are welcome to attend if accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Family Picnic

Mixed, Toddler and Preschool Families are invited to bring a lunch and have a picnic style meal in their child’s classroom on Tuesday August 15th, 2017. Lunch in the classrooms is from 12 -1pm.

If you are parking please do not use your parking access cards; instead pull a ticket for access to the garage. Each family may obtain 1 one-hour ticket from the office.




Monday September 4, 2017 for Labor Day

Monday October 9, 2017 for Columbus Day


Enrollment Information 


Termination and Legal Reminder

Families leaving LMACCC are required by their contract to provide a sixty (60) day written notice if you are leaving LMACCC between July 1st and September 15th and thirty (30) day notice if you are leaving between September 16th and May 14th.



Children transition from one classroom to the next based on availability of space. Full time children typically transition according to their date of birth. Part time children transition when there is a matching slot in the next classroom. The majority of transitions from one classroom to the next happen during the late spring and throughout the summer. Parents are generally informed a month in advance by the Director that a transition is impending. Before the transition takes place, a meeting may be held with the families and the program coordinators.

Once a transition date has been solidified, children visit their new classroom gradually. They spend short increments of time throughout the span of a few weeks getting acclimated to the new space, group of children and teachers.





Safety Reminders

With the warmer weather families are gathering in the courtyard in front of the Center. Please follow pedestrian safety rules with your children and treat the drive thru of the loop as a street. Cars using the drop off loop may not be aware of children playing in the area. Children should be discouraged from playing in and around the trees, mulch, plants and grass.


Please remember that children need to be accompanied by an adult in the building at all times. Children should be escorted into the classroom for morning arrival with a parent/guardian. In the evening children need to walk out side-by-side with their chaperone. Children running in the hallways and being unattended in the mornings and/or afternoons have led to injuries.



In order for the center to optimize the care that is provided, it is essential to have daily parent/staff communications. Please plan a few extra minutes at arrival and departure to share the previous evening’s or the morning’s events with your child’s teacher. Families with multiple children may need extra time to pick up and share information with each classroom teacher prior to the classrooms and program closing at 6:00 pm.

If longer discussions are needed appointments for a meeting or phone conversation can be made. Prior to departure time, parents may call their child’s classroom to check with the afternoon teacher and discuss the day. Upon pick up, parents will also receive verbal feedback on their child’s day. Written daily notes are given to the parents of infants. Information is listed on wall charts or paper form in all other classrooms.



Only adults should be opening and closing center doors including the main entrance door, hallway doors, and classroom doors. Use caution when opening doors as little fingers are generally in close proximity and are easily squished! For the safety of the children please make sure that doors are closed after every entry/exit.



Please make sure to check your child’s extra clothing bin for spare clothing that fits comfortably and is warm weather friendly. Items to include are hats, t-shirts, socks, underwear for children toilet training and a light jacket. If your child wears Crocs, flip flops or sandals to the program they should have a spare set of sneakers in their cubby for movement days.



If someone other than a parent is picking up a child, the office staff and educators need verification in advance. For families with multiple children at LMACCC please advise program staff if all children will be picked up together or if only an individual child should be released. The administrator logs the change for pick-ups and drop offs in a central log. All individuals arriving at the center to release a child are required to have a state issued photo ID (a driver’s license or passport). Please have alternative pick up persons ring the doorbell for access into the program.


Red Sox Season

Traffic is impacted during the Red Sox season. Please allow sufficient time to pick up by 6:00pm on scheduled game days. The Center closes at 6:00pm. Families picking up children from a classroom after 6:00pm will be charged a $20.00 late fee for every 15 minutes.


Absence/Vacation reminder

Please call LMACCC office and classroom to inform us if your child is going to be absent from the program. We are required to account for all child absences. We are also required to ask if your child will be out from school due to illness and what the symptoms are. The office phone number is 617-632-2755.





Infant Room

Rachael Mayer (Teacher) 6:30-2:30                    

Allison Mahler (Teacher) 7:30-3:30      

Shandell Gray (Teacher Assistance) 9-5 

Lubna Ghorewaha  (Teacher)10-6                       

Gabriella Coyne (Teacher) 10-6


Mixed Room

Lenere Smith (Teacher)  7-3                   

Shavon Stokes (Assistant Teacher) 10-6            

Brittany Pina (maternity leave) 10-6

Jessica Sin – Infant/Toddler Float Teacher 10-6


Toddler Room

Joseph Young (Teacher) 6:30-2:30        

Brittany Bross (Teacher) 7:30-3:30         

Casey Mulchay (Assistant Teacher) 9-5

Alla Zilberman (Teacher) 10-6                

Brenda Estrada (Teacher) 10-6


Young Preschool

Darlene Blake (Teacher) 7-3                   

Tiffany Pulley (Assistant Teacher) 10-6


We are currently recruiting for a Young Preschool 10-6 Teacher.


Middle Preschool        

Sharon Wallace (Teacher) 6:30-2:30       

Brian Silva (Teacher)  10-6         

Danitzia (Dany) Delgado (Assistant Teacher) 10-6


Older Preschool

Lisa Headen (Teacher) 7-3                     

Katharine (Katy) Smith-Bloxsom (Teacher) 10-6

Yin Htwe (Assistant Teacher) 10-6


We are currently recruiting for a Preschool Float Teacher.