Center News


February 2019

On Saturday February 2, 2019 Groundhog Phil, the world's most famous furry forecaster, will predict if we can anticipate an early spring or six more weeks of winter. LMACCC is hoping Phil emerges from his burrow and does not see his shadow so we can advance to an early spring and spend more time outside!



Center Wide Crazy Hat Day

On Tuesday February 26, 2019 all children are invited to wear their favorite “crazy” hat to school. Families are encouraged to also send a weather appropriate hat for our outdoor adventures.


Art Show @ LMACCC

Thursday, March 7, 2019 LMACCC’s young artists will proudly present their creations on display for families. Families are invited to tour the program, talk with the artists and their mentors from 8-10 am and 3-5 pm.            

*** Please do not use your access cards for this event.

Families are asked to pull a ticket upon garage entry and self-pay. ***

Daylight Savings

Everyone will turn their clocks FORWARD one hour on Sunday, March 10, 2019. Monday morning may be difficult to wake your children an hour earlier than usual. It also impacts meal times and nap times as their bodies adjust to the time change.


Spring swim

We are interested in offering a spring swim for all age eligible (at least 2 years 9 months old) and toilet trained children. Ideally children will swim from March 19, 2019 through April 26, 2019 twice per week. In order to offer the program we must first ensure that Simmons University is able to secure the staff to facilitate the lessons. We anticipate a confirmation of staffing by February 15, 2019. If we receive notification that Simmons was able to secure the staff we will then send out sign-up sheets to families. If Simmons cannot support the staffing then unfortunately the program will not be offered.


Class pictures

Outdoor (weather permitting) class pictures are scheduled for May 13th and 14th. All group photos will be taken on Monday May 13th at 9 am. Individual photos will then begin for all siblings and children that are not routinely scheduled on Tuesdays. Individual photos will continue on Tuesday May 14th. Please plan on having your child(ren) dressed for photos both days. Additional information will be placed in cubbies and e-mailed when package options arrive from Hayward Photography.


Music with Wayne Potash

All families are invited to attend our biweekly sessions with Wayne Potash in their child’s classroom.

Music is in the Infant Room 3:40-4:00, Mixed Room 4:00-4:20, Toddler Room 4:20-4:40, Young Preschool 4:40-5:00, Middle Preschool 5:00-5:20 & Older Preschool 5:20-5:40. Children that are not scheduled to attend LMACCC on days that Wayne is present may attend the music sessions with their caregiver present. 

Wayne will be at LMACCC on Wednesdays through June 2019 on the following dates:

February 6 & 20

March 6 & 20

April 3 & 17

May 1, 15 & 29

June 12 & 26


Mixed, Toddler and all Preschool Rooms participate twice a month on Mondays in an afternoon Yoga program. Families are always welcome to join the fun! Children that are not scheduled to attend LMACCC on Monday may attend yoga with their caregiver present. 


Yoga sessions run as follows:

Mixed Room 3:00-3:20

Toddler Room (front side) 3:20-3:40

Toddler Room (back side) 3:40-4:00

Young Preschool 4:00-4:30

Middle Preschool 4:30-5:00

Older Preschool 5:00-5:30


Yoga is scheduled for:

February 11 & 25

Licensing Information

LMACCC is licensed by The Department of Early Education and Care (EEC). EEC establishes safety and best practice standards of which LMACCC follows. Some families have expressed interest in learning more about EEC. Information is available on line at

Additionally, EEC holds monthly public board meetings in which the community may attend. Community attendees may also opt to speak for 3 minutes. Open comments typically take place in the beginning of each meeting. Below is a list of the 2018 meetings.


Board of Early Education and Care fiscal year 2018 meetings

The Board of Early Education and Care meets monthly from September to June. The Board meets the second Tuesday of each month, 1:00pm – 4:00 pm, at 51 Sleeper Street, Boston, MA 02210 unless otherwise noted. Any changes to the meeting location will be posted on EEC website:

February 12, 2019

March 12, 2019

April 9, 2019

May 14, 2019

June 11, 2019

*The Board of Early Education and Care makes up to 30 minutes available for persons in the audience to address the Board on specific agenda items. In order to hear as many speakers as possible, the Board limits individuals to 3 minutes, although written material of any length can be submitted. The Board asks associations or groups to select only one speaker to represent the organization. Those wishing to speak should indicate their intent by filling out the sign-in sheet that will be available during the half-hour prior to the start of the meeting.






Presidents’ Day Monday February 18, 2019

Patriots’ Day Monday April 15, 2019


  1.® for in-home child and senior care may be an option for families needing child care when LMACCC is closed. offers experienced, local caregivers available at a moment’s notice. Their backup care services include: backup child care, event care and access to caregivers.
  2. Boston’s Best Babysitters is a nanny agency that can place temporary, night & weekend, overnight and long-term positions for residential families. This agency may be an additional option for families needing child care when LMACCC is closed.


Labeling Food Items

LMACCC has numerous children and staff with mild to severe food related allergies. We ask that all families label children’s containers (i.e. yogurt containers, plastic ware inclusive of lids and bowls) with their child’s name. Additionally, please ensure that food items are specifically detailed in each classroom. Infant parents should record food items on daily report cards, Mixed and Toddler Rooms families on dry erase boards and Preschool families on lunch sign in sheets.

***Most common food allergies present in LMACCC are nuts,

fish, eggs, dairy, soy and strawberries***

Please list specific ingredients in dishes that contain multiple food items. For example, if your child’s pasta dish contains anything but plain pasta please specify (e.g. pasta w/egg and broccoli or pasta w/meat sauce).

If you wish to bring in a special snack from outside the program please provide your child’s classroom a list of the ingredients at least two days in advance.


Safe Cubbies

Children’s cubbies are utilized to store their belongings such as diapers, extra clothing, coats and lunch pails. Children are often very curious about the items stored in cubbies and for safety reasons we are asking that all materials stored in a child’s cubby are child friendly.

***Please avoid storing medications, sharp objects, plastic bags, etc. in cubbies.***  



If your child is going to be absent from school due to an illness or vacation please contact the Center at 617-632-2755. We are required by the Department of Early Education and Care to follow up on any absences.


The illness policy requires that your child not attend school with a fever and may return to school when s/he has been without a fever for at least 24 hours. Please remember that a child sent home with an illness at any point in the day must remain out of the program the entire following school day. For example, if a child leaves the program with a fever on Tuesday s/he may return on Thursday as long as s/he has been afebrile on Wednesday. We are following the recommendations from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and calling parents when a child has a fever of 100.4 and/or flu symptoms. Please call the Center and disclose your child’s symptoms. If your child has been seen by a physician, follow up with us regarding your child’s condition so we can post possible exposure dates for contagious illnesses.

Inclement Weather

The Center is usually open on stormy days. We ask parents to allow time for safe commuting to work. Children might be grouped together for breakfast and early morning play while staff arrive.

If the Center is to be closed all day, the decision will be made by 6:00 AM. If inclement weather impacts the operating hours families are notified two ways. First, families may check on snow closings by dialing the LMACCC Snow Line at (617) 632-2827 and pressing #4. If there is not a message standard operating hours are in effect. A message indicates program hours are impacted or the program is closed. Lastly, families are also encouraged to reference the Channel 7 website to view school closings. LMACCC will be posted at the very end of the notifications under “Daycares”.


Future Enrollment Plans

During the month of January, Kelly will create classroom drafts for September 2019 using the date of birth and current enrollment schedules of the children now enrolled at LMACCC.  We will be requesting information regarding any future changes you may want to make to your child’s enrollment through the spring and summer 2019. Once all the information is compiled we will have a draft of how many future available spaces LMACCC has to offer waitlist families.

Our Open House for families on the waitlist is scheduled for March 14, 2019.

Families that are planning to enroll a second or third child in 2019 must follow up with Kelly before February 2019.


Termination and Legal Reminder

Per LMACCC contract families are required to complete a written termination notice as follows:

30 days in advance for the period between September 16 and May 14

45 days in advance for the period between May 15 and June 30

60 days in advance for the period between July 1 and September 15


A termination form is located on our website at under

Current Parents – Enrollment Forms – Contract Amendment Notice


Children transition from one classroom to the next based on availability of space. Full time children typically transition according to their date of birth. Part time children transition when there is a matching slot in the next classroom. The majority of transitions from one classroom to the next happen during the late spring and throughout the summer. Parents are generally informed a month in advance by the Director that a transition is impending.  Before the transition takes place, a meeting will be held with the families and the program coordinators.

Once a transition date has been solidified children visit their new classroom gradually. They spend short increments of time throughout the span of a few weeks getting acclimated to the new space, group of children and teachers.




Infant Room

Sabrina Santos left LMACCC on Friday January 25, 2019. We wish Sabrina the best in her future endeavors.


Aaliyah Williams our Center Float Teacher, is currently supporting the Infant Room.


Float Teacher

We are happy to announce the addition of Jinitra Ayuso, our new Infant/Toddler Float Teacher! Jinitra began with LMACCC on Monday January 28, 2019 and is starting her role by getting acclimated to the Infant Room.



What is happening in the classrooms at LMACCC



The Young Infant classroom has been focused on supporting the infants in the discovery of their surroundings during tummy time and in free movement. While working on tummy time or increasing strength in the seated position, the teachers have provided books to also promote fine motor skill growth through turning pages and pointing. The infants are also working on maintaining their nap routine during the day. They are also learning to respond back to teachers by babbling back when being spoken to.




The children in the Older Infant classroom have continued to practice and increase their self-help skills. The children are practicing using spoons and forks to eat their food and some have started to put their blankets in the laundry bin after naptime. Children in the Older Infant room have been using more words in their communication and engagements with others including saying names of their friends with the assistance of teachers if needed. The Older Infants have been learning about shapes, colors, as well as counting and often will repeat the teachers as they label their surroundings.



The children in the Mixed classroom have been focused on winter. They have been talking about snow and what types of clothing are best to wear in the cold. They have decorated hats and mittens with bingo daubers and have read books about snow such as Snow Leopard, Winter Wonderland, and The First Snow. The children have had opportunities to play with pretend snowballs and shredded cotton balls in sensory table.

The children have continued to show interest in animals and have broadened their exploration by making penguins and polar bears. To create these animals, the children painted using white paint on black construction paper. The children added ‘fur’ to their polar bears by gluing cotton balls after the paint had dried. The children were able to explore the differences between glue and paint in their activity.




The children have shown a new interest in cars and other forms of transportation. They have enjoyed using toy cars, sitting in boxes and pretending to drive. Many afternoons the children have been quite excited to work together in building tracks for their trains to travel on. The children have continued their love of books and reading. They enjoy sitting to look at books independently, with their friends, and bringing them over to read with teachers. The classroom’s new books have been studied from cover to cover and the children have developed a particular interest in books including Color Monster, My First Book of Tractors, and The Animal Boogie musical book.




Young Preschool

The children continue to enjoy the adventures of firefighter play.  They work cooperatively to drive the truck, make the siren sound and put out the fire. They have also enjoyed reading a variety of books about firefighters.  Some of the favorites are Fire Engine No. 9, The Gingerbread Man Loose On the Fire Truck and Big Frank’s Firetruck.



Young preschoolers are beginning to show an interest in building with magnet tiles, blocks and boxes.  They begin to build with intent as they plan what they want to build, create it and then use it in their imaginary play.  Building lends itself to discussions about what to build and what it looks like, includes the practice of problem solving as they offer ideas such as how to make it stand, as well as working on other math/science concepts like counting, balance and comparisons.

Additionally the children have been spending more time in cooperative play.  In other dramatic play scenarios the preschoolers have pretended to be in a family or work as doctor to help a sick friend. 


Middle Preschool

The children are talking about many things related to penguins and polar bears. They engage in sensory play exploring ice and water with figurines. With art materials they create a penguin and make a polar bear footprint. The children have also pretended to be a penguin taking care of an egg. They have made comparisons about a preschooler to a polar bear and a polar bear to  a penguin.  The children stamped their footprint on paper and compared it to the polar bear print they made.  Additionally, they stepped on a scale to record their weight and found out how many prechoolers it took to weigh the same as a polar bear. They found out that it would take many more children to balance the scale with a polar bear.

The children read the book How Big Is a Million about a penguin who goes on a hunt to find out how big a million is.  The last page of the book was missing so the children made a prediction about whether the penguin counted the snowflakes or stars.  When the page was found they were able to compare their preditions. Be sure to check out the children’s answers on the windows of the classroom.



Older Preschool

The children continue their practice of manners and kindness.  They practiced working together, helping friends in need, saying please/thank you and sharing kind words. Winter weather has also been a topic of discussion as the children have made observations about the ice, snow and cold.

Additionally the children take charge of their own learning as they make independent play choices. They use creative problem solving when building, practice numeracy and literacy skills as they use various manipulatives and practice tasks such as math worksheets in preparation for kindergarten. 





Create With Me” Event as Experienced in Preschool                                                                  

The center wide “Create With Me” event welcomed parents to join their child(ren) in their respective classrooms to do some type of art project. Parents in the Older Pre classroom worked with their child to create a car that moved using air from a balloon. Other children in Older Pre engaged their families in making a picture with tape and paint. Middle Pre created watercolor designs using paint and Q-tips.  The Young Pre children along with their family worked together to add pictures to a class poster.  Here are some of the pictures from the event.




Nutrition Counts

Healthy eating patterns and regular physical activity are essential for normal growth and development. A healthy eating pattern limits intake of sodium, solid fats, added sugars, and refined grains and emphasizes nutrient-dense foods and bever­ages—vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products, seafood, lean meats and poultry, eggs, beans and peas, and nuts and seeds.


American Heart Association Dietary Recommendations for Children 1 to 8 years


Food                                       1 year                          2 to 3 years                            4 to 8 years

Calories                                   900                              1000                                        1200-1400

Fat                                           30-40%                        30-35%                                    25-35%

Milk/Dairy                                2 cups                         2 cups                                     2 cups

Lean Meat/Beans                    1.5 ounces                  2 ounces                                 3-4 ounces

Fruits                                       1 cup                           1 cup                                       1 ½ cups

Vegetables                              ¾ cup                          1 cup                                       1- 1 ½ cups

Grains                                     2 ounces                     3 ounces                                 4-5 ounces


Healthy Lunch Ideas

  • Turkey and cheese roll up in a whole wheat tortilla, broccoli and pear slices
  • Grilled chicken, slices of peppers with hummus and rice and watermelon
  • English muffin pizza, cucumbers with ranch dressing and strawberries
  • Turkey meatballs, cut up asparagus and yogurt
  • Whole wheat bread with hummus, avocado and fresh fruit salad
  • Sliced turkey, cheese with crackers and pieces of oranges and grapes
  • Pasta, edamame, carrots with grilled chicken, cheese cubes and apple slices
  • Pita bread with hummus and cucumbers, yogurt with granola and blueberries
  • Quesadilla with cheese and avocado, cooked carrots and raspberries
  • Egg noodles with broccoli and corn, sliced cherry tomatoes and yogurt
  • Grilled chicken, quinoa, sweet potato and pineapple
  • Ground turkey, rice with beans and banana slices
  • Whole wheat spaghetti with sauce, cucumbers with hummus and kiwi
  • Ground beef chili with vegetables, avocado, cheese and sliced grapes


Safe Eating Tips

Fix table foods so that they are easy to chew:

  • Cut foods into small pieces or thin slices.
  • Cut round foods, like hot dogs, lengthwise into thin strips.
  • Removes all bones from fish, chicken and meat.
  • Cook food, such as carrots or celery, until they are slightly soft. Then cut into sticks.
  • Remove seeds and pits from fruit.
  • Spread peanut butter thinly.


Foods that may cause choking:

      Firm, smooth, or slippery foods that slide down the throat before chewing, like:

  • Hot dog rounds            
  • Peanuts
  • Hard candy
  • Large pieces of fruit
  • Granola
  • Whole grapes
  • Cherries with pits


Small, dry, or hard food that are difficult to chew and easy to swallow whole, like:

  • Popcorn
  • Small pieces or raw carrot, celery or other raw hard vegetables
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Potato and corn chips
  • Pretzels


Sticky or tough foods that do not break apart easily are hard to remove from the air way like:

  • Spoonfuls or chunks of peanut butter or other nut/seed butters
  • Chunks of meat
  • Chewing gum
  • Marshmallows
  • Raisins and other dried fruit

LMACCC Specifics

  • To encourage healthy eating habits, LMACCC discourages sending children sweets such as cookies, Rice Krispy treats, cake or candy with any meals.
  • Please remember to label your child’s lunch with first name and last initial.
  • If your child has a sibling it is helpful to label containers so that both children’s names are reflected on them.
  • Please record the specific items that your child has for lunch. For example, if your child has pasta for lunch anything mixed in the pasta should also be noted (i.e. shrimp, veggies, egg, peanut oil, etc.). We have a number of children and staff in the program that have significant food allergies and an awareness of food present in the classroom helps us to eliminate unsafe exposure.

Kelly Quinn-Wilson, Director
Candace Fonzi, Assistant Director
Allison Mahler, Infant Toddler Coordinator
February 2019