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April 2018

The first official day of spring arrived on Tuesday March 20, 2018 just prior to a winter storm! As we dream of the future promises of warmer spring weather we are busy preparing for lots of program activities.




Museum of Fine Art Experience for Preschool

On Wednesday, April 4, 2018 the Museum of Fine Art will visit Young, Middle and Older Preschool from 10-11. The museum will present an “Artful Adventure” in which children will explore the concept of flowers. The experience will include a story, hands-on materials, pictures from the Museum's collections, and an art-making activity. Children that are not scheduled to attend LMACCC on Monday may attend this event with their caregiver present. 



Move with Me!

On Tuesday April 10, 2018 families will be invited to "Move with Me" event from 8-10 am and 3-5 pm. During the “Move with Me” event families will challenge their large muscles as they work together in various engaging classroom activities. Be prepared to get your heart rate up, test your balance or even practice a little Yoga! Families that participate in this event will be provided with a one hour validation ticket for the 375 Longwood Garage.



Class pictures

Outdoor (weather permitting) class pictures are scheduled for May 14th and 15th. All group photos will be taken on Monday, May 14th at 9 am. Individual photos will then begin for all siblings and children that are not routinely scheduled on Tuesdays. Individual photos will continue on Tuesday, May 15th. Please plan on having your child(ren) dressed for photos both days. Additional information will be placed in cubbies and e-mailed when package options arrive from Hayward Photography.



Summer Swim

Summer swim starts for age eligible (2 years 9 months old and above) and fully toilet trained children on May 21st. Robin Gossels will distribute information and forms to all eligible families. Please remember that all forms must be completed and submitted to Robin by May 11th. If you have questions you can contact Robin at 617-632-2756 or



Ice Cream Social

Thursday June 14, 2018 will be our Annual Ice Cream Social. Families are invited to come to the program from 3:30-6 for an ice cream treat. Save your cup for seconds!




All children entering Kindergarten in September 2018 will participate in an LMACCC graduation event on Friday, June 29th from 9:30 am to 11:00 am at the Wheelock College’s Campus Center and Student Residence (CCSR) in Room 103. Robin Gossels will send out additional details shortly.




Scholastic Books

Don’t forget you can order books from Scholastic on line with the following link:  Once you place an order our Preschool Coordinator, Robin Gossels, will confirm the order and it will be submitted by the 23rd of the month. The books will arrive at LMACCC and placed in your child’s cubby.




Music with Wayne Potash

All families are invited to attend our biweekly sessions with Wayne Potash in their child’s classroom.

Music is in the Infant Room 3:40-4:00, Mixed Room 4:00-4:20, Toddler Room 4:20-4:40, Young Preschool 4:40-5:00, Middle Preschool 5:00-5:20 & Older Preschool 5:20-5:40. Children that are not scheduled to attend LMACCC on days that Wayne is present may attend the music sessions with their caregiver present. 

Wayne’s Schedule on Wednesdays through June 2018 is as follows:

April 4, 2018

Mary 2, 2018, May 16, 2018 & May 30, 2018

June 13, 2018 & June 27, 2018




Mixed, Toddler and all Preschool Rooms participate each Monday in an afternoon Yoga program. Families are always welcome to join the fun! Children that are not scheduled to attend LMACCC on Monday may attend yoga with their caregiver present. 


Yoga sessions run as follows:

Mixed Room 3:00-3:20

Toddler Room (front side) 3:20-3:40

Toddler Room (back side) 3:40-4:00

Young Preschool 4:00-4:30

Middle Preschool 4:30-5:00

Older Preschool 5:00-5:30



Licensing Information

LMACCC is licensed by The Department of Early Education and Care (EEC). EEC establishes safety and best practice standards of which LMACCC follows. Some families have expressed interest in learning more about EEC. Information is available on line at


Additionally, EEC holds monthly public board meetings in which the community may attend. Community attendees may also opt to speak for 3 minutes. Open comments typically take place in the beginning of each meeting. Below is a list of the 2018 meetings.



Board of Early Education and Care fiscal year 2018 meetings

The Board of Early Education and Care meets 10 times a year on the second Tuesday of each month, 1:00pm – 4:00 pm, at 51 Sleeper Street, Boston, MA 02210 unless otherwise noted. Any changes to the meeting location will be posted on EEC website:

April 10, 2018

June 12, 2018 (off-site; meeting location to be announced)


*The Board of Early Education and Care makes up to 30 minutes available for persons in the audience to address the Board on specific agenda items. In order to hear as many speakers as possible, the Board limits individuals to 3 minutes, although written material of any length can be submitted. The Board asks associations or groups to select only one speaker to represent the organization. Those wishing to speak should indicate their intent by filling out the sign-in sheet that will be available during the half-hour prior to the start of the meeting.




Children transition from one classroom to the next based on availability of space. Full time children typically transition according to their date of birth. Part time children transition when there is a matching slot in the next classroom. The majority of transitions from one classroom to the next happen during the late spring and throughout the summer. Parents are generally informed a month in advance by the Director that a transition is impending.  Before the transition takes place, a meeting will be held with the families and the program coordinators.


Once a transition date has been solidified children visit their new classroom gradually. They spend short increments of time throughout the span of a few weeks getting acclimated to the new space, group of children and teachers.



Termination and Legal Reminder

Families leaving LMACCC or dropping days to their current schedule are required by their contract to provide a forty-five (45) day written notice if you are leaving LMACCC between May 15 and June 30 and sixty (60) day written notice if you are leaving between July 1 and September 15.


In order to officially terminate or amend a contract to fewer days please complete a contract termination form located on our website Copies of this form are also available in the office








Monday April 16, 2018 for Patriots’ Day

Monday May 28, 2018 for Memorial Day

Thursday July 4, 2018 for Independence Day

  1.® for in-home child and senior care may be an option for families needing child care when LMACCC is closed. offers experienced, local caregivers available at a moment’s notice. Their backup care services include: backup child care, event care and access to caregivers.


  1. Boston’s Best Babysitters is a nanny agency that can place temporary, night & weekend, overnight and long-term positions for residential families. This agency may be an additional option for families needing child care when LMACCC is closed.



Inclement Weather

If inclement weather adversely impacts LMACCC operating hour’s families will be notified two ways:

  1. Via the snow line. Families should call 617-632-2827, and press # 4 for Center Update. The message is updated throughout the day.
  2. On the Channel 7 Snow Day Alerts website. If the program amends hours or is closed the information will be posted on the website at When looking at the website, be sure to scroll down to the “daycare” section.

Please note, there are not email communications related to LMACCC weather impacts.


Red Sox Season

Traffic is impacted during the Red Sox season. Please allow sufficient time to pick up by 6:00 PM on scheduled games. The Center closes at 6:00 PM. Families picking up after 6:00 PM will be charged a $20.00 late fee for every 15 minutes.



Evening Pick Ups

We recommend that families arrive to the program in the evening by 5:45 pm to allow for time to communicate with teaching staff about their child’s day and gather their belongings. The teaching staff end their day and the program closes promptly at 6:00 pm.



Tuition Receipts

Tuition receipts can be requested by completing a tuition receipt request form that is available on our website Please allow 10 days for LMACCC to process your request. Completed forms can be dropped off to the LMACCC office, emailed to Joshua Kaufman at or faxed to 617-582-6852.



Special Snacks

If you wish to bring in a special snack from outside the program please provide your child’s classroom a list of the ingredients at least two days in advance. Snack ingredients can also be emailed to LMACCC’s Program Coordinators. Infant/Toddler families can connect with Rebecca Moser at and Preschool families can reach out to Robin Gossels at


Labeling Food Items

LMACCC has numerous children and staff with mild to severe food related allergies. We ask that all families label children’s containers (i.e. yogurt containers, plastic ware inclusive of lids and bowls) with their child’s name. Infant families are asked to label all bottles (with labels affixed to both the bottle and the nipple ring).



In the classroom

Please ensure that food items are specifically detailed in each classroom. Infant families record food items on daily report cards, Mixed and Toddler Rooms families on dry erase boards and Preschool families on lunch sign in sheets.


***Most common food allergies present in LMACCC are nuts,

fish, eggs, dairy, soy and strawberries***


Need Labels?

Try name bubbles! Name Bubbles make small round clothing labels that are very versatile. The labels are waterproof as well as both laundry and dishwasher safe. Bubbles are personalized and have a simple press-and-stick application (no ironing necessary).




We are hoping the warmer weather arrives and will stay with us for quite some time. As we spend more time outside we will begin sun-screening 30 minutes before sun exposure. We use a generic SPF 30, 45 or 50. Please inform the office if your child has an allergy to sun block. You may also provide your own personal sunblock if you prefer.




Please make sure to check your child’s extra clothing bin for spare clothing that fits comfortably and is warm weather friendly.  Items to include are hats, t-shirts, socks, underwear for children toilet training and a light jacket. If your child wears Crocs or sandals to the program s/he should have a spare set of sneakers in his/her cubby for movement days.


***Clothing donations are needed! LMACCC keeps extra clothing and our supplies have run low. We are happy to receive any clothing donations you may have, especially for Infants and Older Preschoolers. Also, if you have “LMACCC” labeled clothing at home please remember to return it to the program so that we can keep our supply stocked.***



Termination and Legal Reminder

Per LMACCC contract families are required to complete a written termination notice as follows:

30 days in advance for the period between September 16 and May 14

45 days in advance for the period between May 15 and June 30

60 days in advance for the period between July 1 and September 15


A termination form is located on our website at under

Current Parents – Enrollment Forms – Contract Termination Form



Food Warming Policy

Mid-February families received an updated food warming policy that went into effect on February 26, 2018. A few highlights of the policy for families to keep in mind are:

  1. Smaller sized containers are recommended to ensure that all food may be accommodated in the classroom refrigerator.
  2. Hot and cold food should be stored in separate containers for heating purposes. Please note that if mixed foods are all stored in one container then all items be served cold.
  3. Containers should be labeled with the child’s first name and last initial on the container as well as the lid.



Safety Reminders

As the warmer weather approaches families may gather in the Courtyard in front of the Center. Please follow pedestrian safety rules with your children and treat the drive thru of the loop as a street. Cars using the drop off loop may not be aware of children playing in the area. Please respect the Courtyard property including mulch and hopefully coming soon plants and grass!


It is important for each child to feel that his/her parent is a part of his/her classroom. Parents are invited to stay for a few minutes at arrival and departure to assist their child with the transition from home to school and vice versa. During this time the parent is responsible for their child and the implementation of Center and classroom rules. Please reinforce with your child that children are required to walk (not run) throughout the program and that they must stay alongside an adult. All doors in the program should be opened by an adult to prevent injury.






Infant Room

Congratulations to our 9-5 Assistant Teacher Shandell Gray for receiving her Infant/Toddler Teacher Certification from the Department of Early Education and Care!


We continue to recruit a 10-6 Teacher.  As we recruit, our Infant/Toddler Float Teacher Jessica Sin has been supporting the Infant Team.


Mixed Room

Congratulations to our 10-6 Assistant Teacher Shavon Stokes for receiving her Infant/Toddler Teacher Certification from the Department of Early Education and Care!


Toddler Room

Alla Zilberman has announced her official plans to retire effective May 25, 2018. Please help us to thank Alla for her 10 years of service at LMACCC and congratulate her on her retirement!


Middle Preschool

We continue to recruit a 10-6 Assistant Teacher.  As we recruit, our Preschool Float Teacher, Kristine (Kristi) Forsman  has been supporting the Middle Preschool Team.



Classroom Lists


Infants                                                                                      Mixed

Land Phones: 617-632-2828 (Youngers) 617-632-2829 (Olders) Land Phone: 617-632-2830

Cell Phone: 617-816-2327                                                        Cell Phone: 617-816-2548

Lubna Ghorewaha (T) 6:30-2:30                                                 Lenere Smith (T) 7:00-3:00       

Allison Mahler (T) 7:30-3:30                                                       College student (TA) 8:00-10:00

College student  (TA) 7:30-10:00                                                 Marion LaMark (T) 10:00-6:00

Shandell Gray (TA) 9:00-5:00                                                     Shavon Stokes (TA) 10:00-6:00

Tennessa Martin (T) 10:00-6:00

New Hire (T) 10:00-6:00

College student  (TA) 3:30-6                                                      







Toddlers                                                                                  Younger Preschool

Land Phone: 617-632-2831                                                       Land Phone: 617-632-2834

Cell Phones: 617-816-2549 & 617-538-2269                              Cell Phone: 617-816-2680

Joseph (Joe) Young (T) 6:30-2:30                                               Darlene Blake (T) 7:00-3:00      

Brittany Bross (T) 7:30-3:30                                                       College Student (TA) 8:00-10:00

College Student (TA) 8:00-10:00                                     Danitzia (Dany) Delgado (T) 10:00-6:00

Casey Mulchay (TA) 9:00-5:00                                                    Dan Reulbach (TA) 10:00-6:00

Alla Zilberman (T) 10:00-6:00                                                                

Brenda Estrada (T) 10:00-6:00                                                   

College Student (TA) 3:30-6:00                                                  



Middle Preschool                                                                    Older Preschool

Land Phone: 617-632-2835                                                       Land Phone: 617-632-2836

Cell Phone: 617-816-2484                                                        Cell Phone: 617-816-2076

Sharon Wallace (T) 6:30-2:30                                                     Lisa Headen (T) 7:00-3:00

College Student (TA) 8:00-10:00                                     College Student (TA) 8:00-10:00

New Hire (TA) 10:00-6:00                                                          Katharine (Katy) Smith-Bloxsom (T)

Brian Silva (T) 10:00-6:00                                                                      10:00-6:00

                                                                                                Yin Htwe (TA) 10:00-6:00


Float Teacher

Alma Conway, Full Time Infant/Toddler and Preschool Float Teacher

Jessica Sin, Full Time Infant/Toddler Float Teacher

Kristine (Kristi) Forsman, Full Time Preschool Float Teacher





Kelly Quinn-Wilson, Director 617-632-2755    

Candace Fonzi, Assistant Director 617-632-2755

Robin Gossels, Preschool Coordinator 617-632-2756

Rebecca Moser, Infant/Toddler Coordinator 617-632-2833

Jamie Luong, Admin. Assistant 617-632-2820


Classroom Updates

Infant Room

The infant room children created some art work using their feet, painting tools and their hands for our recent Art Show.  The children were able to explore the cool squishy feel of the paint between their toes or their fingers. It is always fun to watch their faces as they experience the various sensations, or the look of concentration as they begin to work on the concept of cause and effect. 

The young infants have also been practicing new skills. Some children have been hard at work on tummy time to strengthen their muscles for sitting up as well as future crawling and walking. Other children have been trying finger foods and experimenting with squishing the food between their fingers. Many of the infants have been observing their environment and attempting to replicate actions that they witness such as putting paint on a baby’s foot.

Older infants have continued to work on figuring out their bodies in the space.  In their movements they have accidently bumped against a toy or object. As they continue to practice navigating the classroom they learn to refine their movements. Typically, this refinement comes from repeated experiences and opportunities for practice.

The older infants have also been practicing eye-hand coordination as they reach for toys or manipulate objects in their play.

Mixed Room

The mixed room children are working on their large muscle development as they engage in various activities related to the theme of “cars”. Using large arm movements the children painted their own vehicles. They later practicied climbing in and out of their cars. At movement, they extended their car play using scooters to navigate from one place to another.   

The children painted colorful pictures for the art show using brushes. They also rolled their cars and trucks through the paint creating different patterns. The cars and trucks were later placed in sand and the children again experimented with navigating their vehicles and observing the tracks left behind in the sand. They played with trucks in the sand and then explored the use of sand into their art as well.

Toddler Room

Toddlers are inquisitive artists. They have recently engaged in art opportunities with different types of canvas and painting tools. The toddlers gained a sense that art can be permanent as well as temporary. They were provided with drawing tablets to help them learn that they can recreate their designs over and over again. The children also worked  adjacent to one another on a larger art project each making an individual contribution onto a community piece. The displayed art allows children to value their work and they begin to start noting differences and similarities within the context of individual works.

Bring a toddler can be tough!  Throughout the day they have to work hard on reassembling puzzles with increasing complexity. They test their engineering skills as they build garages for their cars. They exert energy sprinting up and down the hallways for indoor gross motor play and then must think of creative ways to take a rest. They also pretend to run a restaurant and ensure that cups and plates are elegantly set upon a fancy cloth. Many of the toddlers also continue their medical training looking after their friends to ensure they are healthy. Although this may all look like simple child’s play in reality the toddlers are practicing applying problem solving strategies, gaining an understanding of how objects work in relation to other objects, as well as enhancing creativity and imagination through independent and partnered story scenarios through their dramatic play. 

Young Preschool Room

The children in the young preschool room enjoy practicing their scientific investigation through sensory exploration and art.  They play in snow tinted with red and yellow paint to create orange snow or they scoop up a pile of cornstarch and then watch as it drips off. Playdough is a favorite activity that allows children to try a variety of experiements such as imprinting designs and observing what happens when you pull it apart or smash it down.

In preparation for the art show the young preschoolers were quite busy! They used atypical painting tools such as rings that are prickly as well as feathers to envoke creative designs. They also explored with thin and thick paint brushes to form lines and designs. In their continued art discoveries the preschoolers discussed symmerty. They put paint on paper, folded it in half, and observed the resulting symmetrical shapes. Many children also painted on aluminum foil. In this activity the foil was crumbled post painting and the children observed the paint as it spread and mixed on the aluminum. Other preschoolers explored painting with a jar. This project allowed them to place paper inside the container, add color and make guesses as to what the resulting mixutre would be.

Middle Preschool Room

The children in the middle preschool room continued to practice their social engagements with their peer group.  They worked in partners and small group activities practicing such skills as listening, turn taking, suggesting ideas, implementing the ideas of other students, generating rules and expectations in play scenarios and compromise. The children were encourgaged to think about the language and actions that they use with one another and how their engagements may impact others.

Older Preschool Room

The children in the older preschool room continued their discussions about families and friends.  They shared information about their individual families.  In dramatic play and other play areas they actively  pretended to be part of a family, wash babies and create homes with art materials.  They participated in a variety of activities that also allowed them to practice working together to accomplish a common goal. In the spirit of working with one another, the preschoolers were actively involved in partner painting. They also worked on creating a link using connecting toys and later made estimates related to it’s length.                                          

A paper chain is hung around the Older Preschool Room with each link to represent an act of kindness. Throughout the month the children have been actively recording acts of kindness and contributing to lengthening the chain. They were also encouraged to provide kind words that describe their peers. Individuals later chose a word that they felt best described themselves and added the languae to an affiliated art display.

In continued efforts to help the preschoolers understand their ability to impact others the children read Have You Filled a Bucket Today by Carol McCloud. The book encouraged positive behavior by using the concept of an invisible bucket to show children how easy and rewarding it is to express kindness, appreciation and love by "filling buckets.”   An act or verbal exchange that is unkind has been described as “dipping” into the bucket. The children have been actively describing their engagements with one another as filling or dipping and routinely encouraging one another to “fill” instead of “dip”.

To further  illustrate the affect of words on someone the children participated in an apple experiment in which they said kind words to one apple and unkind words to another apple.  When the apple with kind words was cut it remained strong and solid. The apple that “heard” unkind words became soft and wet. When it was pressed the children observed slight ‘tears’ spilling from it which further emphasized that unkind words make others sad.



Rainforest and Reptile Show

The preschool children learned about a variety of different reptiles through a presentation of live animals and the ability to ask questions. Some highlights of the show were the lizard who kept sticking out his tongue and a teacher that bravely let the boa touch her on the head!                                                 

Swim Program

The spring swim program has started and the children are happy to be in the pool learning and practicing their swim skills.


Establishing Drop Off and Pick Up Routines

Children thrive in a well-ordered and predictable environment. Daily routines during arrivals and departures are most successful when they are consistent and offer children a sense of stability. It is during these routines that children learn more about themselves, the world and other people.


Here are some tips for morning drop offs and afternoon pick-ups:

  • Establish a predictable goodbye routine:  This will let your child know what will happen next, making it easier to cope with the transition.  Wave from the window, watch the pet fish, play with a favorite toy, share a hug, read a book, get situated for breakfast, or sing a goodbye song.  It is best to have the same, predictable routine each day.


  • Create a reunion ritual, checking in with your child’s teacher about the day:  Find out what went well and stress those successes to your child.  “I heard that you loved playing with the balls!”  Talk with your child about the day as you leave. 


  • Be timely:  Returning at the same time each day prevents your child from worrying if you have forgotten him or her when you are late.  This makes drop off the next day easier; your child trusts you will not leave him or her at school forever.



Kelly Quinn-Wilson, Director

Rebecca Moser, Infant Toddler Coordinator

Robin Gossels, Preschool Coordinator

April 2018